Order fresh salmon and bring the taste of delicious seafood right to your kitchen table. You’ve been to the market and seen salmon sitting out that looks… questionable, at best. It’s always tough to know just how long it’s been since someone caught the salmon, transported it to the market, and displayed it for shoppers to peruse.

When you order fresh salmon online, the flash-freezing process ensures that you’re receiving the freshest quality salmon.


How Your Salmon Stays Fresh

The freshest salmon you can buy online is actually frozen. Freezing salmon actually helps maintain freshness. Plus, the salmon keeps for that much longer in your freezer. You can store frozen salmon for about 9-12 months in the freezer.

Here’s what happens when you order fresh salmon online:

  1. Fishers catch salmon. Most salmon companies provide information about where and how they catch their salmon. Poke around on company websites to find out more about specific processes.
  2. Fishers flash-freeze salmon, usually right on the boat itself. This process keeps the salmon tasting fresh and ready to eat. The salmon are vacuum-packed in another effort to preserve freshness.
  3. Companies pack salmon for shipping. Frozen salmon travels in an insulated container. Ice packs or dry ice help to keep the salmon frozen while in transit. This thorough packing method guarantees that your salmon will arrive frozen and ready to prepare.


Online Ordering Made Easy

If you’re ready to order fresh salmon today, the process couldn’t be easier. Ordering salmon online might surpass shopping at your grocery store as the simplest way to bring salmon home. With just a few clicks, you can order salmon and start prepping a marinade for tomorrow’s dinner.

  1. Choose a company. You have your pick of the best salmon when you order online. As you look into different companies, note their sourcing, transparency, sustainability efforts, and shipping timeline. Prioritize whichever aspect of the online ordering process means the most to you. You can compare different companies here.
  2. Pick out which kind of salmon you want. The five most popular types of salmon include coho, king, sockeye, pink, and keta. Each type of salmon brings a different flavor and texture profile to your palette.
  3. The company processes and packs your order. Once you’ve decided on a company and type of salmon, you’ll place your order. At that point, the company you’ve chosen will begin to process and pack your salmon. The frozen salmon will travel in an insulated container outfitted with ice packs to make sure the salmon arrives frozen.
  4. Transfer the order to your fridge or freezer. Try to time the delivery so that you’ll be home when it arrives. The salmon usually arrives on your doorstep about 48 hours after you place the order. That way, you can perform an immediate quality check to see if anything went wrong during shipping. Then, you can transfer your order to the fridge or freezer, depending on when you want to prepare the salmon.

Now, you’re ready to order fresh salmon online next time the craving strikes!


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