If you’re interested in finding the best salmon to order online, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you through the different types of salmon available for online ordering, and then show you how to place an online order.


Types of Salmon You Can Order Online

As you’re looking for the best salmon to order online, you have to keep your own preferences and price points in mind. The following section will provide brief descriptions of five popular types of salmon: coho, keta, sockeye, king, and pink.

  • Coho. You might find coho salmon listed online as “silver salmon,” so keep an eye out for that name, as well. Coho is similar to king salmon, though it has a firmer texture. This high-quality salmon is actually pretty affordable. Coho is a great choice for people who want to integrate salmon into their weekly diet.
  • Keta. Sustainability lovers should order keta salmon with a clear conscience. Keta salmon runs are responsibly managed and even protected in some cases. This large salmon has a flaky texture and mild taste, which makes it incredibly easy to add to well-loved dishes. You can buy keta on the cheaper side compared to other types of salmon.
  • Sockeye. The Northern Pacific Ocean’s darling, sockeye salmon, is sure to please. Its limited seasonal availability and distinct flavor make sockeye a well-loved favorite. You might find sockeye listed as “red salmon” or “blueback salmon.” Sockeye season typically runs from late spring through the end of September. Prices can really skyrocket due to sockeye’s short season.
  • King. King salmon has long held the title of one of the best salmon to order online. You might find king salmon listed as “chinook salmon” on some company websites. In terms of flavor and texture, king is hard to beat. However, the price of king salmon reflects its high quality. King salmon boasts a dense, meaty texture and a mild sweetness.
  • Pink. This affordable salmon choice will keep you from breaking the bank. You might find pink salmon listed as “humpback salmon” or “humpie salmon.” Pink salmon’s mild flavor is similar to keta salmon, but the similarities between the two stop there. Pink salmon is not flaky, but soft. This type of salmon is perfect for stews, casseroles, or soups.


How to Order Salmon Online

Is all this research about the best salmon to order online making you hungry? Time to place an order!

Here’s how you’ll place your online order:

  1. Choose a company. Each online seafood delivery company has a different approach to sourcing, shipping, and sustainability. Find one that fits your needs best by perusing these options.
  2. Choose which type of salmon you want to order. Read the descriptions above to get a better idea of which type of salmon you should pick.
  3. Place your order.
  4. Prepare for your order’s arrival. Make sure someone is home to receive the salmon order. Do a quality check and then transfer the salmon to the fridge or freezer.

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