Steak and lobster mail order dinner is our pick for the best-possible version of surf and turf. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you might be scrambling to order a romantic dinner for two. Well, don’t fret any longer. Our expertise may be in the lobster portion of a steak and lobster mail order dinner, but some of our favorite companies also offer other meats.

We’ll start off with our top picks for lobster delivery companies. Then, we’ll share some of our favorite options for ordering steak and lobster together. All of these options have priority shipping options to ensure you get your fish before Valentine’s Day.

Our Top Maine Lobster Delivery Companies

Category Company Most Popular Size Average $/Lobster Dinner* Customer Ratings Go To
Highest Customer Ratings Lobster Anywhere 2 lb. $335 5.0
Best for Sustainability Crab Place 2 lb. $280 4.5
Best for Lobster Tails Cameron’s Seafood 12 oz. $350 4.7
Best Variety Fulton Fish Market 2 lb. $270 4.6
Best for Lobster Meat Wulf’s Fish 1 lb. N/A 4.8
Most Frequent Discounts Get Maine Lobster 1.5 lb. $275 4.9
Best Website Experience Winter Harbor Lobster Co-Op 1.5 lb. $335 4.6
Best for Smaller Lobsters Sanders Lobster Company 1.5 lb. $270 4.5

*Estimated cost of one item in the company’s most popular size.


Our Top Surf and Turf Companies

The world of mail order lobster delivery is pretty niche, but the same is not true for mail order steak. Companies like Omaha Steaks and . Still, there are a handful of companies that offer great options for both steak and lobster. Getting both from the same company will help you save on delivery costs – and it’ll also reduce the headache. Here are our top companies for steak and lobster mail order options.

Wulf’s Fish – This company makes steak and lobster mail order dinners easy with a combined product featuring both sirloin and seafood. They have three surf and turf options, all of which come with a USDA Prime Center Cut Sirloin. Choose between 1 lb. of scallops, two small lobster tails, or 1 lb. of shrimp.

Gourmet Food Store – If you like your steak and lobster to feature tails, the Gourmet Food Store is a great option. They have lobster tails ranging from 3 oz to 14 oz. They also specialize in wagyu beef, tenderloin, skirt steaks, rib eye, and cut-to-order steaks to meet all your “turf” needs.

For the Gourmet – For the Gourmet has a wide variety of gourmet food options, including various live lobster options and an impressive collection of meat and game products. You can even build and order a charcuterie board to serve as your Valentine’s Day dinner appetizer.

Steaks and Game – This company has a wide variety of meats to cure your surf and turf cravings. Choose from grass fed, wagyu, venison, elk, lamb, and bison/buffalo options. While they don’t currently have any seafood offerings, this is a great place to stock up on steaks and other meats to prepare for your next romantic meal.


How Much Should Surf and Turf Cost?

Steak and lobster mail order options are going to cost slightly more than what you’ll find in a restaurant. That said, the quality of the fish will be far superior. In a restaurant, you should expect to pay around $75 per plate of surf and turf. At home, that cost will be pretty similar – maybe around $100 per person if you order a large lobster and steak.


What Sides Go Well with Surf and Turf?

If you don’t want to fill up on just steak and lobster, many companies also provide sides. Popular options include roasted asparagus, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, roasted mushrooms, and green beans.

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