During the global and nationwide surge, fish lovers should consider buying mail order salmon. People all over the world have created a significant demand for sockeye salmon. The demand has boosted the paychecks of salmon fishers. However, the demand also pushed salmon prices to near record highs. Select Alaskan fisheries increased their base prices near the end of 2021. The fisheries raised prices to $1.45 per pound. They had raised the prices by 20 cents since the summer. At the end of 2020, prices landed at $1.06 per pound, lower by 39 cents.

Alaska’s fishers caught 57 million sockeye salmon in 2021. The fishers placed a value on the fish preliminarily at more than $361 million. It accounts for more than 56% of the total dockside value in Alaska. So, the significance of sockeye salmon catch begs a few questions. Will the demand for the fish continue in 2022 and why do people buy it online?

Company $/lb Min. Order Cost Reviews Rating Website
Seabear $29.00 $299.00 273 5.0 website
Global Seafoods $38.00 $190.00 1130 4.6 website
Sizzlefish $44.27 $154.95 341 4.9 website
Sea to Table $51.00 $32.00 2,784 4.7 website
Vital Choice $55.11 $124.00 23132 4.8 website
Lummi Island Wild $63.11 $142.00 21 4.8 website


Why are People Buying Mail Order Salmon?

Bristol Bay’s sockeye salmon catch set a record in 2021. The salmon topped 71 million fish. Fishers also expect the run to increase in 2022. Overall, they anticipate a potential catch of around 60 million fish. Regardless of the outcome, the forecast surpasses any forecasts in previous years. The market has become extremely tight due to the heightened demand.

The demand may have originated from several factors. However, salmon popularity has at least tripled since the early 1980s. The big reason why people find salmon appealing is its health and wellness benefits:

  • Great source of protein – Eating salmon helps you body-build and also helps you to increase your bone strength. Many people choose salmon when they start their low-carb diets.
  • Vitamin B source – Get mail order salmon if you need to increase your vitamin B intake. The fish has all types of vitamin B, like B1 and B12. Vitamin B helps prevent cardiovascular disease and reduces inflammation.
  • Helpful with weight loss – Salmon offers a high nutritional value. It can also reduce your appetite by controlling your hormones.

The last reason might explain salmon’s relevancy in our lives today. During and following the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns, many people focused on themselves. That meant trying to exercise more and eat healthier foods. Ordering salmon online brought the fish straight to our doorsteps when we could not eat in restaurants.


How to Buy Salmon Online

Buying salmon online for the first time may feel overwhelming. Alaska has dozens of salmon companies for you to choose from for your delivery. One of the first things you should do is compare their shipping information and any minimum order details.

Unlike in a fish market, buying online means that you cannot see the fish before you purchase it. If you buy a mail order salmon, you should prioritize company transparency. Contact prospective vendors if you have questions about their harvesting methods. As we begin 2022, keeping these tips in mind will allow you to put the best salmon on your kitchen table.

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