Whether you are keeping New Year’s simple with a nice dinner or entertaining friends, you should consider early salmon delivery to avoid the busy grocery stores and delayed orders. Many underestimate how classy salmon can be as a main dish at a holiday event. Salmon is a delicious and rich protein which pairs well with any number of sides you may want to serve. You can easily find quality salmon online, and you do not need to have advanced kitchen skills to successfully prepare an elegant salmon dish.

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How to Plan for a Salmon Delivery 

You can often find a variety of wild and farmed salmon in many cuts to suit the needs of your party. Popular varieties of wild salmon include sockeye, king, and coho salmon. Wild salmon tends to be of higher quality and is naturally fattier (in a good way) than farmed salmon. Depending on the seller, you can buy each kind of salmon as portions, steaks, and sometimes even a whole side of salmon.

You can plan on 3 to 4 ounces of salmon as a good portion size for your guests. Some sellers will individually package portion sizes for you so that you know how much to serve your guests. To reach an order minimum, you may have to buy salmon by a certain poundage. Salmon freezes well, so if you have to buy more than you need, you can easily freeze any extra for another time.

Most sites who offer salmon delivery will freeze the salmon before sending the fish. Freezing the fish preserves the fish at its absolute freshest taste. Because the fish will arrive frozen, you will need to factor in time for the portions to thaw before you plan to cook the salmon. To defrost salmon, place the frozen salmon in the refrigerator and allow the fish to slowly defrost overnight.


Serving Fresh Salmon at Your New Year’s Event

Once you receive your salmon delivery, you have several options to prepare the fish for your celebrations. The beauty of salmon is in its versatility. You can braise, roast, and pan sear salmon, to name a few preparations. Depending on your tastes, you can add a variety of spices and herbs to the salmon to add more flavor or keep the dish simple.

In terms of side dishes, salmon pairs well with a variety of vegetables and starches. You can serve pan seared salmon over a bed of pasta or rice and top with a savory sauce. Or, you can roast brussels sprouts or green beans alongside salmon. The salmon is likely to taste great with whatever other dishes you may have on the menu for the festivities, so you do not need to worry about matching flavors or clashing tastes.

Here are some recipe ideas to inspire your New Year’s menu: