If you find yourself stuck at home, you can conveniently order salmon online and have access to quality seafood without having to go to the grocery store this winter. The continuing risks of the pandemic and the impending winter weather may mean that people will be staying inside and cooking their meals more often. You can get ahead of surging seafood prices by stocking up on salmon now by placing your order online. Salmon is a versatile fish to have in your freezer for a simple weekday meal.


When Is It Best to Order Salmon Online?

The salmon season spans the later spring months to the early fall months. Each variety of wild salmon has their own peak season within this timeframe. Salmon that you order within peak season is likely from the fresh catch and ships to you within days of the salmon leaving the ocean. Salmon that you order out of season is still good but is likely from stock that sellers keep in the freezer longer.

While it is best to order salmon during peak season, you can order quality salmon at any point throughout the year. Online seafood shops typically send orders out quickly, but you may want to place your order earlier in the week to avoid the potential delay with a weekend delivery. Some shipping services will not deliver on Sundays, so your salmon order could be waiting an extra day if the timing is off.


Current Salmon Price Trends

Before you order salmon online, you may be curious about the current prices for salmon. Prices are generally up across the board for all seafood. High demand has driven the prices up, but not all fishers have steady supplies of fish. The outlook for the salmon market is more promising than other markets in the coming year due to higher prices with a strong supply of salmon.

From a consumer’s perspective, wild salmon will have a higher price tag for the foreseeable future. Farmed salmon may be less expensive. Prices may vary slightly depending on the week or even the day you buy.

Company $/lb Min. Order Cost Reviews Rating Website
Seabear $29.00 $299.00 273 5.0 website
Global Seafoods $38.00 $190.00 1130 4.6 website
Sizzlefish $44.27 $154.95 341 4.9 website
Sea to Table $51.00 $32.00 2,784 4.7 website
Vital Choice $55.11 $124.00 23132 4.8 website
Lummi Island Wild $63.11 $142.00 21 4.8 website


Best Practices to Order Salmon Online

Ordering seafood of any kind online takes some know-how to make sure you find the best quality products at a fair price. Here are some best practices to keep in mind as you place an order for salmon online.

  • Price Compare- Comparing prices across many sellers is a great way to know the best price. You should look at 2 or more sites to shop around before choosing a site to order from.
  • Explore Salmon Varieties- Each salmon variety has their own flavor and fat content, so you should try different varieties to see what you might like. If you can, try to order each variety during their peak season.
  • Plan Your Order- Try to plan your order to arrive at a time when you will be home. You will want to be home so that you can transfer the salmon to the freezer or refrigerator before the salmon has a chance to thaw.