We know everyone wants some of the giant king crab action, and who can blame them? When we think of king crab, we immediately think of their large legs and protein-filled meat. However, buying king crab during the holiday season can be a challenge. Consumers put a high demand on the crab all year-round. The holidays are no exception.

Consumers, crab catchers, and seafood producers have encountered a new demand concern. The crab population has crashed for many types of crab in Alaska. The crash means that you should strive to get your crustacean sooner rather than later ahead of the festivities.

Company Price/lb Reviews Rating Order
Global Seafoods $52.50 1,129 4.6
Crab Place $48.59 569 4.5
Fulton Fish Market $51.11 604 4.4
Seabear Smokehouse $44.50 102 4.6
Cameron’s Seafood $76.66 105 5.0


Why Has the Crab Population Crashed?

Scientists cannot fully explain why the crab populations have diminished in Alaska. However, the working hypothesis is that a mortality event led in part to the crash. The crash affected the snow crab population in perhaps the most significant way. However, it additionally led to Alaska closing the winter Bristol Bay red king crab fishery.

We can infer from the unprecedented closure that buying giant king crab will prove more difficult in the upcoming season. The drops could result in Alaska’s entire crab fishery losing as much as $100 million or more in value during the 2021-2022 season.


Are Crab Declines a Trend?

The recent crash amongst crab populations has shocked the seafood industry. However, certain crab populations have already experienced consistent declines. For instance, Bristol Bay’s red king crab fishery will not take place for the first time in 25 years. However, during the 2008-2009 season, the fishery amassed 20 million pounds. Last year, the red king crab fishery declined to a mere 2.648 million pounds.

Even so, so long as you buy early, you should still be able to find your giant king crab. Red king crab grossed $44.8 million last year for fishers. The average red king crab price per pound last year was $11.87.


Where to Buy Giant Crab

As the holidays rapidly approach, you can avoid the grocery stores or markets. Order king crab straight to your door and freeze them until you are ready to enjoy them with your loved ones. A number of vendors across the country sell crab of all sizes. These include:

The Crab Place You can order 2 pounds, 4 pounds, or 8 pounds of giant legs. For 2 pounds, customers will pay $142.49. The vendor sources its king crab from the Bering Sea and North Pacific Ocean.

Global Seafoods Crab lovers will want to order in bulk from Global Seafoods. The supplier sells 10 pounds of giant king crab legs for $545. The vendor catches and processes its giant legs in the United States.

Cameron Seafood The vendor is another great option if you want to buy in large quantities. You can order from 3 pounds up to 12 pounds of Alaskan king crab legs. The crab leg pricing starts at $289.99. You can also get free ground shipping on orders that exceed $199.

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