If you’re trying to buy crab legs on sale, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of strategies for you to use while shopping so you can save money on crab legs.


  1. Order online. Several online seafood retailers offer crab legs on sale for lower prices than seafood markets. Lucky for you, we’ve already put together a guide on comparing and ordering crab legs online. You can use that guide to find the site that meets your price point. A little research before you buy will help lower costs overall.


  1. Buy in bulk. A filling crab dinner usually consists of about 3 pounds per person. If you’re hosting a large party, it might be a good idea to buy crab legs on sale in bulk. Online seafood retailers usually offer discounts for bigger orders, which means ordering in bulk could save you money in the long run.


  1. Join a buying club. If you’ve found a seafood retailer you trust, you can join or create a buying club. A seafood buying club is a group of people, usually neighbors or friends, who buy seafood in bulk together a couple times per year. These bulk orders tend to be cheaper than individual orders. Plus, you’ll have friends to host for delicious crab leg dinners!


  1. Buy cheaper crab species. We’ve saved the biggest tip for last: familiarize yourself with all sorts of crab species. Some people go straight for King crab. While the taste and quality of King crab make it a top choice, the price tag often deters hopeful customers. You can still order quality crab legs on sale without paying King crab prices.


More Options

Check out the list below for cheaper crab options:

Snow crabs have delicious, snow-white meat. The taste is sweet, but briny. You can shred snow crab meat with a fork, just like pork or chicken. This budget-friendly crab is perfect for any recipes that call for crab meat, including quiches and crepes.

Blue crab are very popular on the East coast. You might find blue crabs listed as Atlantic blue crabs or Chesapeake blue crabs at different online seafood retailers. These crustaceans have a brinier taste than other species. The blue crab’s wide availability makes it an easy (and cheap) choice for first-time crab buyers.

Dungeness crabs rule the West coast crab market. This crab’s sweet, almost nutty flavor and tender texture lends itself well to a wide range of customer preferences. Dungeness crab is a great option for all sorts of crab recipes. The leg and claw meat have a more pronounced flavor than the body meat, so customers can use Dungeness crabs for several different meals.

Hoping to treat yourself? Order some stone crab. Stone crabs have thick claws that are totally unique. Their claws are large and super meaty, which gives stone crabs a high meat yield. Fishers catch stone crabs off the coast of Florida from October to May.

Company Price/lb Reviews Rating Order
Global Seafoods $52.50 1,129 4.6
Crab Place $48.59 569 4.5
Fulton Fish Market $51.11 604 4.4
Seabear Smokehouse $44.50 102 4.6
Cameron’s Seafood $76.66 105 5.0

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