Finding fresh seafood of any kind becomes trickier in the winter months as some seafood goes out of season, but you can reliably find fresh salmon delivery from many quality online sellers. Salmon is a hearty protein to have on hand for the winter months and is a great source of vitamin D, a vitamin essential to supplement in the winter. This post will cover how to prepare for a salmon delivery, how to cook with salmon for the winter, and the best practices for storing fresh salmon.


How to Prepare for Fresh Salmon Delivery

Salmon comes in many cuts online, so you can explore the kinds you might want before buying. Most online sellers package individual portions separately. The individual portions stay frozen throughout their shipping journey and make it convenient for you to store them in the freezer when they arrive.

Most online seafood stores use expedited shipping to ensure the fish remains frozen all the way to your door. This means that your order should arrive within the week you place it, if not within a couple days of placing the order. While the salmon should remain frozen, you should quickly assess your salmon order and get the portions into the freezer as soon as you can. You should keep the salmon in the vacuum-sealed bag the sellers ship them in to protect from freezer burn.

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Winter Recipes for Fresh Salmon

Salmon is among the most versatile and forgiving fishes to cook with. There is no shortage of salmon recipes using seasonal ingredients for the winter months. You can grill, sauté, braise, and roast salmon with different flavor combinations. Salmon is a great main protein to serve alongside tender winter squashes, such as acorn and butternut squash. Or, you can cook salmon in a stew along with classic stew vegetables like carrot and celery for a new take on beef stew. Salmon takes on whatever flavor you give it, so you can be creative with the flavors you pair with a simple base of pan fried salmon.


Storing Your Fresh Salmon Delivery

When your fresh salmon delivery arrives, you have a few processing options, depending on how soon you plan to cook with the fish. If you want to cook the salmon within a couple days after its arrival, you should keep the salmon portions in the refrigerator to thaw. The salmon will remain fresh in the refrigerator for only a couple of days before you should cook with it.

For salmon that you want to store for another time, you should keep the salmon in the freezer in its original packaging. The salmon should stay fresh in the freezer for up to a year. However, you should try to eat the salmon within a few months for maximum freshness. You can thaw frozen salmon the same way we suggested above. A day or two before you plan to cook the salmon, you can keep the fish in the refrigerator to thaw. In a pinch, you can place the salmon in room temperature water to come up to room temperature on the day you want to prepare the salmon.

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