If you are in the market for jumbo king crab legs this year, keep an eye out for golden king crab or Dungeness Crab. The Dungeness crab fishery in the Gulf of Alaska is now Alaska’s top-ranking fishery for this season. This surprising shift in the rankings is due in large part to  cancellation of Bristol Bay’s 2021 king crab fishery and the reduction in bairdi crab quota.

Company Price/lb Reviews Rating Order
Global Seafoods $52.50 1,129 4.6
Crab Place $48.59 569 4.5
Fulton Fish Market $51.11 604 4.4
Seabear Smokehouse $44.50 102 4.6
Cameron’s Seafood $76.66 105 5.0


Dungeness Crab Fishery And Golden King Crab Fishery Updates

Dungeness catches from Chignik, Kodiak, and the Alaska Peninsula combine for a total of 7.5 million pounds as of late October 2021. Most Dungeness crabs currently sell for about $4.21 per pound. Based on quota share allocation, a large portion of Dungeness crab profit stays within the local Alaskan economy.

The golden king crab fishery, located off the Aleutian Islands, comes in second place with catches totaling 6 million pounds. Golden king crab is more expensive than Dungeness crab. The average golden king crab price is about $6.35 per pound.


Choosing Between Dungeness Crab And Golden King Crab

Dungeness crab has a tender texture. The leg meat is firmer than meat from other parts of the body. Dungeness is a bit sweeter than king crab with an almost nutty taste.

Golden king crab gets its name from its golden color. Its taste is comparable to red and blue king crab, but even sweeter. Golden king crab does not yield much meat, which might account in part for its high cost. You can use golden king crab in recipes that call for stone crab, blue crab, shrimp, or lobster.

Consider pricing and taste when you try to decide between ordering jumbo Dungeness crab legs or jumbo king crab legs. There are so many crab species that you just can’t go wrong once you find one you love. You have tons of options even if a major king crab fishery isn’t in operation.


Quick Overview Of Bristol Bay’s King Crab Season Cancellation

In September 2021, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game decided to cancel Bristol Bay’s king crab fishery for this season. King crab populations are too low this year to run a fishery. A cancellation gives Alaskan king crab numbers time to rebound with the hopes of operating the Bristol Bay fishery in the future. The financial implications of this cancellation will be huge. A small silver lining is the aforementioned local economic boost from this year’s Dungeness crab fishery. Read more about why Alaskan jumbo king crab legs might be a little more expensive this year here.


Place A Holiday Order

Hoping to grab some jumbo king crab legs for the holidays? Crab makes a show-stopping and delicious entrée for any special occasion. Read about crab leg pricing to figure out what order works best for your festive gathering. If you’re specifically interested in jumbo king crab legs, read this buying guide for golden king crab. Aim for simplicity and elegance this holiday season by ordering crab legs for delivery.


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