In the coming months, you’ll likely begin to have a hard time finding fresh halibut for sale in grocery stores. If you want to have fresh halibut all throughout the winter, now is a good time to stock up by buying halibut online. Halibut is a great fish to have on hand for a variety of recipes. The fish stores very well in the freezer and thaws easily in advance of when you want to cook with it. We will share more information about the halibut season, how to buy halibut online, and winter recipes for halibut.

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When Is Halibut Season?

Most halibut populations are along the coastal waters between Alaska and northern California. The typical season for halibut runs from May through November. The current quota for 2021 falls at just under 40,000 pounds of fish. With the season wrapping up, fishers can still catch roughly 15,000 pounds more of halibut before they reach the quota. This year’s season had some closures to manage the amount fishers were catching, but the end of the season should yield a healthy catch and plenty of halibut for sale.

NOAA monitors the halibut season, making sure fishers follow the regulations for the halibut season. Seeing as the tail end of halibut season is approaching, now is a great time to consider buying halibut to keep on hand. Halibut will continue to be in grocery stores, but the fish is likely not coming from fresh catches.


How to Find Halibut for Sale

Before you plan a trip to your grocery store to buy halibut, we recommend you look for halibut for sale online first. Buying halibut online is very convenient because the seller often ships halibut in individual, pre-frozen portion sizes. Plus, the halibut ships straight to your home from the seller. So, your halibut remains frozen throughout the entire journey and remains fresh.

You can typically find halibut as fillets, cheeks, or steaks. Some sites have order minimums based on pounds. We recommend buying a variety of halibut portions to help you meet the order minimum. Many shops use expedited shipping, so you should expect your order to arrive within a week or two of ordering.


Winter Recipes for Halibut

The busy holiday season fast approaching. Having halibut in your freezer is a great way to make a quick, protein-packed meal. Here are some recipe ideas for winter halibut meals.

Seared Halibut with Brussel Sprout Hash: Brussel sprouts are a hearty winter vegetable to pair with the subtle halibut. Searing the halibut gives the fish a nice crust and is a warm main dish to serve on a cold night.

Roasted Halibut with Lemons, Olives, and Rosemary: The lemons and olives bring great citrus and bright flavors to the blank canvas of roasted halibut. Rosemary is a classic winter herb, which brings an earthy balance to this meal option for your next holiday dinner party.

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