While you may not initially think to order oysters online for your next holiday party, oysters are a great addition to your appetizer spread. They offer a great variety of bright, briny flavors to break up some of the heavier tastes of traditional holiday foods. Plus, oysters make for a very fancy display without much effort on your part. We put together this guide to help you bring oysters to the table for your next holiday get-together with family or friends.

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How to Order Oysters Online 

Before you start the process of ordering oysters online, it is useful to have some information about ordering oysters and oyster types.  Attempting to navigate oysters for sale online without this information can be confusing.

  • Oyster Season: You may have heard of the “r” rule for ordering oysters. The “r” rule means that any month with an “r” is a good month to buy oysters. While you can buy oysters year-round, they are typically best in the colder months of the year. This timing works great for the fall and winter holidays since you are likely to have the freshest oysters available to you.
  • How Many Oysters to Buy:  You should aim to buy around 6 oysters per person, assuming the people you have at your party like to eat oysters. When you order oysters online, sellers typically offer oysters by the dozen or in larger quantities like 50 or 100.  Take the chance to do the quick math to make sure you have an adequate amount of oysters for your party.
  • Which Kinds of Oysters to Get: Part of the fun with oysters is that each of the many hundreds of varieties have unique flavor profiles. Choosing a selection of oysters instead of one kind gives you the chance to try new varieties and compare the tastes.


What to Pair with Oysters

You can pair the oysters themselves with many different sauces, depending on your tastes. For some ideas, you can look at this recipe. In terms of beverage pairings, oysters are likely to go well with the wine and spirits you planned to serve. Crisp beers are also a nice complement.

Oysters are a great addition to the appetizer table before the main dinner courses. The oysters conveniently come with their own serving utensil, so people will be able to simply pick one up and eat it.


Why to Order Oysters Online Instead of the Grocery Store

If you are convinced to try oysters at your next holiday function, you should look online first before going to your grocery store. When you buy oysters online, you are buying directly from the fishers who harvest the oysters. You can order the oysters from the convenience of your home and know that they will arrive fresh at your door.

Oysters at the grocery store have a longer journey to get to the seafood counter. To ensure the best quality oysters for yourself and your guests, it is best to pick from the quality sellers online.