Many people place a high value on finding a sustainable wild salmon delivery service. These sustainable meal delivery services have become incredibly important over the last decade for more than one reason. Along with protecting wildlife populations, these services can reduce negative effects on the overall environment. Further, these services provide individuals with healthy options for their daily nutrition.


Why Use Sustainable Meal Delivery Services

We have included some of the reasons below why sustainability remains important if you order wild salmon or other types of seafood online.

Your diet affects more than your health. Many people order from sustainable meal delivery services to help protect the environment. Research has indicated that eating more sustainably decreases greenhouse gas emissions by 70%. Studies have also suggested that sustainable eating habits can lower the use of water by 50%.

Food preparation can become overwhelming. If you place an order for wild salmon delivery, it will take some time to fully prepare. It is not always possible to plan, order, and then prepare sustainable meals at home. Meal delivery services can help you on your busy weeknights. You can order ingredients straight to your door. You can also order fully prepared salmon meals.

Helps eliminate food waste. One type of food delivery service sends fully prepared meals. You can also find food delivery services that send the precise amount of ingredients.

Provides organic alternatives. Certain people prefer using food delivery services if they have specific diets. Many delivery services will prioritize sending organic ingredients to its members. For wild salmon delivery, look for services that explicitly state that they use sustainable farming practices. You can also request that information from companies and see if they use eco-friendly packaging.


Are All Meal Delivery Services Sustainable?

Unsurprisingly, environmentalists do consider some meal delivery services more sustainable than others. Certain services do contribute a significant amount of packaging. The excessive material comes from individually packaging each ingredient. Contacting the customer service representatives makes sense here to ensure that you can recycle their packaging.

However, studies have found that many meal kits are more sustainable than grocery store meals. Part of what makes them more sustainable is that they create less food waste. But various meal kits also have lower last-mile logistics emissions. These emissions relate to transporting goods from their initial hub to their final point of destination.


Sustainable Wild Salmon Delivery Services

You can choose from many great salmon delivery services. Some of our favorites include:

  • Lummi Island Wild The small business sells a good variety of salmon. The company also embraces eco-conscious fishing practices. You can enjoy wild-caught flavor knowing Lummi Island Wild prioritizes its sustainable sourcing methods.
  • Vital Choice The company sells a variety of wild fish, grass-fed meats, and broths. Ordering from them helps you get nutritious, minimally processed seafood.
  • Fulton Fish Market You can buy a variety of salmon types for reasonable prices. Customers can contact a customer service representative regarding the company’s sustainability practices.

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