Many might be familiar with the dish escargot, or cooked snails. What you might not be as familiar with is snail caviar. Like other kinds of caviar, snail caviar is the eggs of snails. Escargot caviar and escargot pearls are two other names for the delicacy. We wanted to give you a guide to this specialty food item. Below, you’ll find information on the pricing, taste, quality, and preparation of snail caviar.


Snail Caviar Price

Considered a luxury food item, the snail caviar price is a high one. An ounce of the caviar can cost around $70, and that is on the low end of the price spectrum. Most sellers only offer small containers because the pearls are a rare item with a limited supply. A main snail caviar price factor is the amount of time snails need to produce and lay eggs. The process takes several weeks and results around 100 eggs. The cultivators then individually collect each egg to prepare for the curing steps. The time and the labor necessary to harvest snail eggs is a large influence on the price point of the item.

The Price of Caviar

Company # Types of Caviar $/oz Range Shipping Order
Global Seafoods 16 $50-$185 $16.20
Lummi Island Wild 3 $59-$112 $99+ Free
Vital Choice 3 $59-$170 $99+ Free


Snail Caviar Taste

Escargot caviar has a distinctive taste. Since snails live in woodsy environments, unlike fish that live in salty, ocean water conditions, the taste of the snail caviar is earthy. The earthy taste brings out vegetal flavors and captures the essence of a forest. The eggs still cure in salt, so you might notice a salty flavor too.

A part of the taste is the eating experience. Many prize caviar from fish for the bursting sensation when you eat the eggs. Escargot pearls have a similar popping effect, which releases the flavorful liquid inside.


Snail Caviar Quality and Popularity

There are certain indicators of quality escargot caviar to look out for. One is the color. High quality snail caviar should be white or light pink. If you notice a purple or other dark color among the pearls, they have likely gone bad. The escargot caviar should also be intact. If the shape of the pearls is odd or many have burst, these could be signs that the caviar is not good. The caviar lasts 1 week after opening the original packaging. Unopened, the shelf life of the pearls is about 3 months. The snail caviar should remain refrigerated.

The snail caviar price and availability make it a niche product. It is mostly popular in Italy and France, where many of the snail farms are. The caviar could see more popularity over time as more catch on to the delicacy and becomes more available.


Ways to Enjoy Escargot Caviar

If you manage to purchase snail caviar, you may be wondering how to enjoy it. It is hard to track down recipes that involve snail caviar. Sellers suggest using the caviar as a garnish for meat or vegetable dishes or simply by itself. A traditional preparation is serving the caviar on top of a savory pancake with sour cream.


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