Make purchasing oysters from a seafood market a little less daunting with these helpful tips!

  • Make the best choice and buy local. Research beforehand and find a trusted market nearby.
  • In addition to whole foods oysters price tags, oysters are required to have harvest tags, which provides information on when each specific oyster was caught, and where!
    • Avoid seafood markets that do not have oyster tags on display. If markets have the ability to sell reputable oysters with harvest tags, they should.
  • Oysters found at the market will more than likely be farmed. Wild oysters do not taste as good, nor are they easy to find.
  • The best oysters will not have a fishy smell. When tapped, their shells will close shut with a snap. If the shell sounds hollow when tapped, that oyster is not good.


Whole Foods Oysters Price Points

The whole foods oysters price hovers around $36 to $54 per dozen. Prices really depend on where the oysters are purchased. Whole foods oysters price tends to fall on the more expensive side because oysters are typically farmed, and it takes a lot of time and effort to raise them.

However, buying in bulk can save money here. A sack of oysters price out between $50 to $100. Sacks can include anywhere from 60 to 100 pounds of oysters. Consider purchasing oysters in larger quantities if hosting a party, or serving oysters multiple times in a week. Plan for about 3 to 4 oysters per person if served as an appetizer, and about 6 to 8 oysters per person if served as the main course.

Buying oysters from supermarket offerings is a great way to try new recipes and build up confidence in the kitchen. There is a certain level of involvement that comes from buying seafood in-person, rather than online, and it will likely help customers develop trust in themselves as cooks, and markets as places of quality product. The whole foods oysters price accounts for fresh, trustworthy catch.


Live Oyster Storage

After paying seafood markets oyster price for your delicious haul, you still have some wiggle room with prep time. You are not required to serve the oysters right away, if they are stored correctly and kept fresh.

Do not let the oysters dry out! 

If you are buying oysters from supermarket vendors or purchasing them online, but not planning on serving right away, it is crucial to store them properly. Place them in the refrigerator in a bowl or pan with a damp cloth covering them all. This way the oysters will stay fresh for about a week.


Serving Live Oysters at Home

  • Shuck your oysters at home for the full experience
  • Scrub the oysters as soon as possible. Best to store them in a colander at this stage, as submerging oysters in freshwater will kill them.
  • Invest in an oyster knife for shucking.
  • Prepare some mignonette and have fresh lemon wedges ready.

The most important tip: you must serve oysters on ice! For best results, grind up ice cubes using a food processor.


Live Oyster Prices

Company Price/doz Minimum Order Shipping Order
Fulton Fish Market $27.76 1 doz $24.24
Crab Place $28.63 1 doz 29.95
Vital Choice $30.00 5 doz FREE



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