Looking for the very best oysters? No need to pick just one! Different growing conditions all over the world make for a host of unique, exciting oyster flavors. Oysters’ flavor can be influenced by water temperature, time of year, salt quantity and quality, and amount of time they spent maturing and growing, among other factors. Use these suggestions as a starter guide for where to seek out the best live oysters for sale.

When figuring out when to buy live oysters, make sure to ditch the rule that says oysters are only good during months that have the letter “R” in their names. That rule has been disproven.

Oysters are available year-round– they just might taste better in the winter.

It is easier to taste the nuances of oysters stronger when they are served raw. Their natural flavors are preserved and concentrated. Cooking oysters makes it more difficult to tell what makes one type of oyster different from another.

Oysters pair well with champagne, but everyone knows that! A lesser-known pairing for oysters is absinthe: its mint and fennel tones complement, rather than overwhelm, the oysters’ flavors. Take the adventurous route and pair absinthe with oysters at the next dinner party!


Live Oyster Prices

Company Price/doz Minimum Order Shipping Order
Fulton Fish Market $27.76 1 doz $24.24
Crab Place $28.63 1 doz 29.95
Vital Choice $30.00 5 doz FREE


Gillardeau Oysters (France)

Called Speciales Gillardeau, this self-proclaimed “Rolls-Royce” of oyster is carefully grown by the Gillardeau family. The oysters are grown for two years in either Normandy, France or County Cork, Ireland, then finished off in the salt ponds of Marenne-Oleron. If you buy Gillardeau oysters online, you will notice the shells are laser-engraved for counterfeit prevention.


Loch Fyne Oysters (Scotland)

The Loch Fyne seafood company was originally an oyster farm, started in 1979. It was named after a Scottish loch, or lake. They are dedicated to developing the best aquaculture practice. Ordering Loch Fyne oysters online will prize customers with oysters that grew for three years, and then purified in filtered seawater. These oysters are known for being incredibly fresh tasting.


Bluff Oysters (New Zealand)

These highly sought-after oysters are harvested in Bluff, New Zealand, specifically in the Foveaux Strait. Bluff oyster quotas are really low, and demand is high. This dynamic, paired with a short March to August season, creates a competitive Bluff oyster market. Out-of-country customers can try to find Bluff oysters online, but the prized bivalves are difficult to find. New Zealanders with a craving for Bluff oyster can attend Bluff’s yearly oyster festival in May, or try their luck finding live oysters for sale– until they sell out!


Sydney Rock Oysters (Australia)

This incomparable oyster was initially harvested for its lime properties, not its delicious taste. The Sydney Rock oyster grows between Queensland and Mallacoota along the Australian coast.  It best resembles a Kumamoto oyster, but the Sydney Rock flavor is unmatched. The multilayered, lingering sweetness of the oyster’s meat is complex and totally unique. A must try.


Kelly Oysters (Ireland)

In a small inlet off of Galway Bay on the west coast of Ireland, Kelly oysters reign supreme. These oysters take longer to mature than other types of oysters, usually growing for about 4 to 5 years. Influences from nearby limestone Burren, peat bogs, bountiful fields, and, of course, the Atlantic Ocean meld and create the salt-forward flavor and a dry palate finish of the Kelly oyster.


Which Oyster Will You Try Next?

There are tons of oysters around the world, each with its own specific flavor profile that represents its home environment. Try out the live oysters for sale nearest your hometown, get a taste of the local flavor, and then branch out.


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