Boxed smoked salmon usually contains a bulk order of the product or is sold at a special holiday or promotion time. Some boxes are wooden and reusable with beautiful designs, making both the box and the smoked salmon a wonderful gift. Depending on the time of year, smoked salmon sold in specialty boxes can sell out quickly. Plan ahead and act fast if you are considering a decorative box of smoked salmon during the holiday season!


Compare Wild Smoked Salmon Prices

Company Min. Smoked Salmon Order Price/lb Min $/Order Shipping* Go To
Vital Choice 2 lbs $40.00 $92.95 $12.95
Lummi Island Wild .25 lbs $44.00 $56.00 $45.00
Global Seafoods 2.5 lbs $44.00 $125.39 $15.39
Sizzlefish 1.5 lbs $55.96 $83.95 $55.00
Fulton Fish Market .2 lbs $69.50 $33.94 $20.04


Most likely, the box will contain vacuum-sealed packages of smoked salmon. There are online options for boxed smoked salmon packages that include pouches of pre-sliced smoked salmon, or offerings of larger fillets or whole sides of smoked salmon.

Companies might offer different types of boxed smoked salmon, like Pacific northwest smoked salmon, ora king smoked salmon, or sockeye smoked salmon. Customers can often choose from a variety of different flavors. These flavors, which might include anything wild dill or maple, are determined during the curing and smoking process.

Boxes of smoked salmon offer variety, but they also offer quantity. Customers benefit from ordering in bulk. A box of smoked salmon could satisfy a customer’s cravings for a few months, ultimately saving money on repeated, and smaller, smoked salmon purchases. Planning out bulk purchases can minimize ultimate costs and allow customers to try different types of smoked salmon.

Prices vary significantly by number of smoked salmon and type of salmon. There are 10-pound boxes of smoked salmon for upwards of $200, while some boxes include 2 smoked salmon fillets for around $40. The price range is really dependent on customer preference.


Smoked Salmon Packaging Options

The appeal of boxed smoked salmon lies in either its aesthetic appeal or its bulk quantities, but smoked salmon is packaged in other ways, too.

Smoked salmon is usually sold in plastic packaging, like pouches. Plastic packaging has the added bonus of convenience, for customers who need smoked salmon on-the-go and cannot fit a box or can into their bags.

Smoked salmon can be incredibly shelf-stable if properly packaged. When smoked salmon is shipped or sold in stores, the product is typically vacuum sealed in plastic packaging. This ensures that the salmon itself stays edible for extended periods of time.

The same goes for canned smoked salmon, in that the product will last for quite some time if left unopened. Canned or vacuum-sealed smoked salmon are lovely options for customers who are buying ahead of the time it will be consumed.


Sustainable Packaging for Smoked Salmon

Cardboard boxes used for boxed smoked salmon are widely recyclable and offer some solution to the waste generated by shipping and packaging smoked salmon. Reusable decorative boxes cut down on waste, as well. Another recyclable option is buying canned smoked salmon instead of smoked salmon packaged in plastic.

Some companies are working on sustainable packaging options, but those customer choices are currently few and far between. The development of widespread, sustainable packaging would greatly reduce the waste generated by shipping seafood.

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