Stop the search for a new favorite appetizer and see if your favorite online seafood retailer has snow crab claws for sale. The delicious, snow-white crab meat in these claws are the perfect start to a meal, or they can hold their own as the main course.

Snow crab claws can sometimes be confused for Alaskan king crab claws due to their flavor and texture, though they are smaller. Snow crabs boast approximately 20 to 25 claws per pound, which can typically feed about four people as an appetizer. Comparatively, Alaskan king crab claws have about 3 to 5 claws per pound. The appeal of snow crab’s smaller-sized claws is in their subtly sweet flavor and poppable size.

Snow Crab Prices

Company Price/lb Minimum Order Shipping Order
Global Seafoods $19.55 11 lbs $16.20
Crab Place $22.69 3 lbs $29.95
Cameron’s Seafood $36.66 3 lbs $39.99
Fulton Fish Market $36.80 2.5 lbs $25.32

Customers will pay around $45 to $100 per pound for snow crab claws, sold either frozen or fresh. The snow crab season lasts for several months throughout the year, depending on where the crabs are caught. These long, overlapping seasons provide customers with the opportunity to buy fresh snow crab more often than other types of crab.

If an online seafood retailer sells snow crab legs, they will typically also have snow crab claws for sale. Whether or not claws and legs are sold together depends on the company selling the product. This holds true for most crab species, snow crab included. Some retailers offer snow crab legs and claws combined, while others will sell each item separately. Figure out which option works best for the occasion before placing an order.

Snow Crab Claws Storage and Preparation

Typically served as an appetizer and known as “cocktail” crab claws, snow crab claws are sure to be a fan favorite.. Some online seafood retailers will remove the shell cap, so the claws can be easily eaten like a lollipop. Preparation time is super short, making this dish an easy one for your next hosted event.

Frozen snow crab claws are typically cooked, chilled, and then frozen in a brine. They last for about four months in the freezer, but that range can be longer or shorter depending on the company.

When you are ready to serve the frozen claws, thaw them in the refrigerator for 48 hours. A tip for quick-defrosting is running the closed bag of claws under cold water for a few minutes. Once the claws are thawed, they can be sauteed, baked, broiled, steamed, or poached. Try them a few different ways and see which one serves best.

Prefer to eat cold crab claws? Even easier! Defrost the claws in the refrigerator, rinse under cold water, and serve with warm butter, or a favorite cocktail sauce.

Snow Crab Meal Ideas

Shellfish is often served with drawn butter, a melted butter that brings out the fresh taste of its tender meat. Try something new, and make the claws’ drawn butter or cocktail dipping sauce at home. There are some wonderful ideas for flavored butters, like adding cilantro, garlic, or lemon to enhance the flavor profile, or add a personal touch by making your own homemade cocktail sauce.

These tiny claws can also be incorporated into a larger, main dish. This 10 Minute Garlic Crab, Lobster, and Shrimp Marisco promises to be mouth-watering and easy to prepare, chock-full of seafood favorites.

Whether you are serving the claws as an appetizer or main course, no snow crab dinner is complete without sides that complement the meat’s succulent flavor. Some well-loved side dishes include asparagus, brussels sprouts, risotto, fingerling potatoes, or a favorite salad. Find a dry white wine, or sparkling lemonade, to tie the meal together.

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