Enjoying delicious seafood at home no longer requires living near the coast. Ordering seafood favorites online has become incredibly easy and the turnaround time can be as soon as the next day. Craving crab legs at home? Put in an order right now and enjoy right away.

Going to a seafood market can be stressful, so ordering crab legs online is a great way to have fresh crab meat without leaving the house. Browse from the comfort of the couch and prepare the crab legs in your own kitchen. Ordering crab legs at home makes the whole experience just a touch more personalized and easier.

After pressing the “order” button, the biggest decision to be made is whether to eat the crab legs at home in the traditional style of cooking, then cracking at the table, or to create something totally new. A way to stretch crab meat is using it for other amazing crab recipes. Wasabi crab cakes, sweet potato and crab soup, three-cheese crab and artichoke dip, crab rangoons, creamy seafood enchiladas… the options are endless. Use crab to enhance your favorite recipes, or choose from tons of tried-and-true dishes online.

The Set-Up

The traditional ways of preparing crab legs at home are steaming, boiling, baking, or broiling. Once cooked, the crab can also be served cold, and some people actually prefer it that way. Cold crab can also be used for any of the recipes mentioned above. Steaming and broiling require the chef to have a large pot, but baking and broiling necessitate only a 9×13 inch pan. Other needs include a shell cracker to crack the shell of a crab and seafood picks to reap the rewards of all that hard work.

Drawn butter is a must for any classic crab feast. Having a good drawn butter recipe on hand will bring any future crab dinners together. Two other sauce ideas for those looking to go in a different direction are a sauce verte, with thyme, chives, parsley, garlic, and capers, or a spicy smoked paprika aioli with a touch of cayenne.

A thoughtful hosting touch to consider when serving crab legs at home is putting out tiny dishes of hot tea next to each plate setting. The tannins in tea are great for cleaning sticky hands. Another touch would be providing crushed saltines at the end of the meal to clean the crab remnants and crab smell off of guests’ hands.

Some people reserve crab legs at home for more formal dinner parties or holidays, but it can be enjoyed any time of year and for any occasion. Eating crab is messy; embrace the fun of it all and provide guests with napkins or bibs. Encourage everyone to enjoy the casual nature of the evening!

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