If you’re in the market for live lobster, you might not know where to start. There are a variety of places to buy live lobster near your location, but not all are created equal. Plus, as the lobster industry has gained additional value in recent years, unorthodox providers have been trying to get into the game. Customers can now find live lobster from a variety of stores, both physical and online, but which is best? The below guide is designed to introduce you to the best, strangest, and most convenient places to buy live lobster, no matter your budget or timeline.


Grocery and Seafood Stores to Buy Live Lobster

This is the option with which most potential customers are familiar. Grocery stores and specialty seafood markets typically have at least a few lobsters to sell at any given time. If you’re cooking lobster for a crowd, you can easily pre-order the number you need. There are many benefits to buying lobster at a brick-and-mortar store – you won’t pay for shipping, you’ll have the product the day you want it, and you won’t have to schedule a delivery.

However, there are also a few downsides to buying lobster at a grocery store or fish market. In many cases, you won’t have much information about the product itself. Unless you have an especially knowledgeable salesperson, you’ll need to use only the information provided. In most cases, this means only adhering to what the label says. Furthermore, you’ll need to pick the lobsters up yourself, and if your access to transportation is limited, this could pose a problem. Still, if you need lobster in a hurry, this is likely your best option.


Live Lobster Available from Local Restaurants

If your grocery store or seafood grocer doesn’t have live lobster available, you may be directed to a nearby restaurant. If your grocer provides lobster wholesale to local eateries, you may have luck calling the restaurant to request a live lobster. Red Lobster, a lobster-centric restaurant chain, used to sell live lobsters by the pound to customers, but it’s unclear if this is still a common practice. Regardless, if you need lobster immediately and can’t find any at the grocery store, call around to local restaurants with lobster on the menu. You may spend more money to buy live lobster from one of these businesses, but you’ll have your product quickly.


Live Lobster from Amazon

Unsurprisingly, Amazon has tried to get into the live lobster delivery game. Rather than selling live lobsters directly from the company’s fulfillment centers, Amazon allows seafood companies to host listings on their site. In this case, you will not buy live lobster directly from Amazon. Rather, you are buying live lobster directly from the company, but Amazon hosts the product listing and processes payment.

In many ways, buying live lobster from Amazon is like buying it on a provider’s website. However, Amazon does not provide much space for the seller to include important information, such as sourcing methods and shipping practices. Some customers may find this troublesome. Additionally, Amazon likely takes a percentage of the payment in exchange for hosting the listing, which means the lobster company isn’t getting all of your money. If you’re concerned about sourcing transparency and supporting local businesses directly, this isn’t the best solution for you.


Why You Should Buy Live Lobster Online

Whether you don’t live near the coast, can’t go to a grocery store, or simply want to support a business directly, the best option is often to buy online. This process allows customers the maximum amount of information about their purchase. While scheduling a shipment may be costly, it is often the most convenient option for busy people looking for a bit of indulgence. If you’re not sure how to buy live lobster online, we have a variety of buying resources for you to use.

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