It is that wonderful time of the year! The time when the most difficult decision to make is how many king crab legs per person to buy for the dinner party. Ah, what a scrumptious problem to have. Whip out the drawn butter dishes and prepare for an unforgettable night.

The appropriate amount of king crab legs per person truly varies from meal to meal. Some guests or easters might have a vested interest in crab, while others could be trying it for the first time, or not be quite so enamored with it. Before ordering, it is recommended to either check in with the guests or try to gauge interest level. This simple check-in tends to prevent over- or under-ordering fiascos.

How to Order King Crab Legs

For adult eaters, about 1-2 pounds of king crab leg usually suffices, and true crab-lovers might need 2-3 pounds. Children, based on their age and appetite, could be satisfied with anything from 1/2 to 3 pounds. However, the number of pounds does not always directly correlate to the number of crab legs.

Crab legs come in various sizes, and those sizes are determined by the number of crab legs per ten pounds. For example, purchasing super-colossal crab legs will provide more crab meat per person than colossal crab legs. Super-colossal crab legs yield about 1 to 2.5 pounds of meat per leg, meaning there are about 8 per 10-pound order. Colossal crab legs yield about 3/4 to 1 pound per leg, so there are about 10 per 10-pound order.

Another determinant in how many king crab legs to purchase per person is how expensive said legs are. Pricing a king crab dinner party out depends on whether the crabs are fresh, and from which online retailer they are purchased. Quality Seafood Delivery has provided an amazing king crab legs price comparison to make the online ordering process that much easier.

Finally, if surf and turf is on the night’s menu, lower each person’s crab intake to about 1 pound. This way neither the surf nor the turf will be left uneaten.

Preparing A Crab Feast

Figuring out how many king crab legs per person is the first, and hardest, decision to make for a successful crab dinner, but certainly not the last. Deciding how to prepare the crab is up to the chef. A few classic ways of preparing are steaming, grilling, roasting, or boiling the crab legs.

Another option for the evening is to decrease the amount of king crab legs per person, and instead purchase some crab legs whose meat will be used for various dips, soups, crab rolls, or other crab dishes. This choice could shift the dinner’s focal point from the delicious, enthusiastic eating of crab legs to a full crab feast, outfitted with multiple crab dishes.

Whether the chef chooses to cook more crab dishes or not, no crab leg dinner party is complete without sides. Determining how many king crab legs to order per person can also help the chef figure out what kind of sides to make, and how much of each.

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