Online delivery is expanding rapidly, which means customers have more opportunities to buy salmon online. But while convenience is likely top of mind for most salmon customers, there are several additional benefits to buying fish online. This guide will walk customers through the benefits and disadvantages to shopping for salmon online, no matter what your budget, lifestyle, or preferred product.


Buy Online and Understand the Product Better

When you buy salmon inside a grocery store, you have very little insight about where that fish came from. Sure, the sign stuck into the deli counter ice may advertise “Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon”, but that’s the only information you have. If you want to fact-check the advertisement, you’ll need to rely on your deli counter worker, who themselves may not know where the fish came from. By contrast, if you buy online, you can read the company’s website, check Yelp reviews, and even call the customer service line to inquire about sourcing methods.

Falsely advertised market fish is more common than you might think. A report from Oceana found that 42 percent of 82 salmon samples bought in Virginia, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New York were mislabeled. Importantly 69 percent of those mislabeled fish were farmed salmon being sold as wild-caught. Shopping online is the best way to ensure you get the product you want at the price you can afford.


The Smart Way to Buy Salmon Online

When you compare salmon prices online, you have dozens of advantages over those buying in the grocery store. In addition to having a better understanding of your product, you’ll be able to compare prices, learn more about the company, and have a wider product selection.

  • You can compare prices in real time. If you buy salmon online, you can consult multiple companies at once, comparing prices, sourcing methods, and shipping flexibility. If you’re at the grocery store, you’ll only be able to compare the prices of what’s sitting in front of you. You’ll find more price variability online, too, which means you can more easily shop within your budget.
  • You can learn more about the company. Salmon bought and sold in grocery stores does not often have an advertised company or provider. This could pose a problem to those interested in learning about where their food comes from, as well as shoppers who are mindful of sustainable sourcing practices.
  • You’ll have greater product variety. Some of us go to the grocery store wanting only a salmon fillet, or perhaps a few ounces of lox. Others of us go wanting a variety of fish species, parts, and preparations. More often than not, a grocery store is not going to have a wide selection of fish products. Going to a specialty fish market might yield a better result, but you can never guarantee that a brick-and-mortar store will have every product you want to purchase.

Of course, there are two primary disadvantages when you choose to buy salmon online. First, you’ll have to wait at least 24 hours for your order to arrive, depending on the type of delivery method you choose. Second, you’ll need to pay for shipping. While some salmon companies include shipping costs in their per-pound price, this is not extremely common for salmon providers. Still, we think that paying for shipping is a good trade-off, especially when you’re promised a good price, a better product, and a more comprehensive understanding of your salmon.


How to Buy Salmon Online

Buying salmon online is easier now than ever before. Buying fish online means you’ll be able to choose from a variety of best salmon delivery options. From local buying clubs and community-supported fisheries to monthly seafood subscriptions and scheduling personalized delivery, you’re sure to find the salmon delivery option that works for your lifestyle, budget, and order.