When you choose to buy Alaskan salmon direct, you enter a new world of online salmon purchasing. Providers that offer salmon shipped directly from the source can guarantee a quality level different from other, larger providers. You’ll end up paying a premium for this product, but we think its well-worth the extra dollars.

The biggest hurdle to buying Alaskan salmon direct from the source is assessing the fish and salmon companies themselves. There are hundreds of businesses who advertise Alaskan salmon shipped directly from the source, but this isn’t always the truth. This guide is designed to walk buyers through the process of choosing direct-marketed salmon, understanding how a company might advertise this information, and, eventually, placing your order.


What Does it Mean to Buy Alaskan Salmon Direct?

In most cases, to buy Alaskan salmon direct is to choose a fish provider that supervises its own salmon sourcing. When it comes to online fish companies, most providers fall into one of two categories: They either source their products themselves, or they contract with other providers to maintain a steady product supply line. When you buy salmon direct, it means you choose a company in the former category – one that sources products in-house. In most cases, this means a company has its own fleet of boats and employs its own fishers. Compare online salmon delivery prices.


The Benefits of Buying Direct

When you buy direct from the source, you are more likely to have a better guarantee of a product’s quality. While salmon providers who contract with fishing operations almost always maintain a degree of quality control, the best way to ensure that salmon is as fresh as possible is to do the fishing yourself. Companies that offer direct sourcing know that this is the best way to maintain a consistent product. While you may end up paying more for direct-sourced Alaskan salmon, it’s worth the extra few dollars to secure that guarantee.

Buying salmon directly from the source is also more sustainable than using a company that contracts with larger providers. Direct-marketed salmon operations are typically smaller than companies that utilize contractors, which means their fishing operations put less stress on the environment. If sustainable food sourcing is important to you, we recommend using one of these direct buying providers.


How to Find Salmon Companies with Transparent Sourcing

If you want to buy Alaskan salmon direct, you’ll need to understand your company’s sourcing methods. While this might sound difficult, we abide by a simple rule of thumb when researching source transparency. If a company is proud of their sourcing methods – whether they be direct, environmentally sustainable, handled by family, or off a certain area of the Alaskan coast – they will put that information front-and-center. Some of these providers may include this information within a few sentences on an “About” page. Others may have written under product descriptions. Others still will have a webpage devoted to discussing their methods. While it might take a few minutes to locate the information, a salmon provider that has nothing to hide will display this information somewhere on their website.

That said, finding this information may be difficult. If a company looks like it values sourcing but you can’t find the relevant information, give their customer service line a call. This is the easiest way to screen potential providers. If you can’t get a straight answer about whether they source their fish directly, move on to the next salmon provider.


Ship Alaskan Salmon Direct to Your Door

When you buy Alaskan salmon direct, understanding a company’s sourcing and supply chain is just one aspect of ordering. If you buy salmon online, you’ll also want your purchase shipped direct to your door. While most salmon companies provide delivery right to your doorstep, others have different ways of getting their product to consumers. Larger companies may have contracts with independent grocers, while smaller companies might opt to do salmon buying clubs. Regardless, if you plan to buy salmon online and want it shipped to your door, remember to check your company’s delivery options.

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