If you’ve spent any time researching mail order crustaceans, you’ve probably found that live lobster price and quality seafood delivery in general can vary significantly. Whether it’s the time of year or the shipping calculation, customers can have a difficult time understanding what does and does not constitute a good price. While performing a cost comparison is the best way to find the best possible price, there are other ways for customers to find a good deal.


Why are Lobsters So Expensive?

If you’re unfamiliar with the history of lobster in America, this might surprise you: Lobsters used to be peasant food. Before the 19th century, lobster was so abundant on the shores of New England that it was used as fertilizer. Now, the Maine lobsters can command hundreds of dollars for a single meal, and live shipped lobsters are a prized feast around the country.

So how did we get to the current live lobster price? High-end restaurants in the 19th century re-branded lobster as a luxury meal. At the same time, railroad lines were built across the country and used to ship the crustacean from the New England coast to every corner of America. This cultivated a taste for the crustacean that commanded a high price, especially in parts of the country where it was relatively inaccessible. In some ways, lobster shipping is the reason we currently pay a high price for live lobster.


What is a Good Price Per Pound for Live Lobster?

The best live lobster price will rely on the time of year, the sourcing methods, and how it was sourced. Costs can vary wildly between providers, even those who operate out of the same waters. In general, however, a one-pound lobster will likely cost around $12, depending on the time of year. As the lobster’s weight increases, so will the per-pound cost. Unlike other food items, the more a lobster weighs, the higher the per-pound price will be.

That said, prices do fluctuate throughout the year. The best way to ensure you are getting a fair rate for your lobster is to do a lobster company price comparison. When researching, remember to consider shipping rates and how they may impact your final checkout price.


How to Find a Reasonable Live Lobster Price

If you’re ordering lobster online, it can be difficult to understand the exact per-pound price. Many companies combine lobster prices with the cost of shipping, offering customers a flat fee. While this can provide easier calculus to customers, it can also hide hidden fees. Some customers prefer the convenience of a flat rate, while others will spend hours calculating cost comparisons to find the best possible price.

While we won’t fault customers for wanting to find the lowest-possible price, there are other ways to get a discount on lobster. Buyers can employ a variety of strategies to get the best possible price for their dinner. For example, the lobster fishing year is highly variable, causing significant price swings from month to month. To get the best price, buy during the season’s peak, when lobsters are most bountiful. In New England, this is typically in mid-winter. You should never settle for cheap lobster, but there are ways of reducing price significantly.