For most people ordering live lobsters shipped to their homes, the meal is used to celebrate a special occasion. For some families, it could be Mother’s Day, or perhaps Father’s Day. For others, lobster is used to celebrate Christmas Eve or New Years. Still more, Valentine’s Day proves to be a good occasion to order live lobsters. No matter your reason for buying lobster online, you’re not likely ordering for a simple weekday meal.

If you’re buying lobster online to commemorate a special occasion, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate. However, some holidays and months lend themselves better to ordering live lobsters shipped from Maine. If you’re wondering whether you should buy lobster for a special day, the below guide will walk you through the benefits and disadvantages of some major holidays.


Best Holidays for Live Lobsters

In general, the best holidays to order live lobsters shipped to your door occur during peak lobster season. Catch is usually at a yearly high between September and November, then again from April through early June. For most people, the following holidays are the best times to buy lobster online.

  • Easter/Good Friday – While it can sometimes be too early in the year to yield a good product, Easter and Good Friday typically occur at the beginning of the spring lobster season. You may still be subject to winter lobster premiums, but you could also find a great deal on a new catch as the season ramps up.
  • Mother’s Day – Mother’s Day falls in the middle of a lobster haul uptick, which means the crustaceans will be at their cheapest and most plentiful. You won’t have to shell out too much to celebrate the occasion.
  • Memorial Day – Most people celebrate Memorial Day with a parade and an early season barbeque. If your plans sound anything like that, consider adding lobster to your grilling menu. Again, this holiday occurs in the middle of a lobster catch uptick, so you’re bound to get a great price.
  • Labor Day – Labor Day marks the end of barbeque and grilling season, but it can also indicate the beginning of the autumn lobster season. This season has been occurring later and later in the year, but you might get lucky and find a great lobster.
  • Thanksgiving – Did you know that lobster was likely the primary course at the first Thanksgiving? We’re not surprised; November is typically one of the best months for lobster hauls, which means you’ll get one of the lowest per-pound rates of the year when you order lobster shipped for Thanksgiving.


How to Order Live Lobsters Shipped from Maine

While live lobster can transform most celebrations and holidays, it’s important to know how the lobster season changes from month to month. This will ensure you get the best possible price. We won’t discourage you from buying a special Valentine’s Dinner, or perhaps a Fourth of July celebration meal, but we want you to know that you’ll likely be charged a higher per-pound price for live lobsters shipped on those dates.

If you’re not sure how to order lobsters shipped live from Maine, we have the resources to point you in the right direction. There are dozens of reputable sellers out there, and you’ll need to do some research to determine which is best for you. When beginning your search, reflect on your budget, how much lobster you want to buy, and how flexible you can afford to make your shipping options. This will start you off in the right direction.

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