Finding the best salmon online requires a good understanding of your personal needs. While a wild-caught Alaskan salmon purchase will always yield a wonderful meal, there are other factors to consider before clicking the “buy now” button. Each person will have a different version of what constitutes the best, especially taking into consideration the order’s quantity, price, product, and delivery method. The best online salmon isn’t the same for everybody, and the below guide is designed to bring you through several decision-making processes.


Why the Best Salmon Online is Different for Everybody

While you’ll always want to pursue the highest-quality fish available, there are several other factors customers will need to consider when buying fish online. Ask yourself these questions, and then visit our price comparison guide for online salmon.

  • How much salmon do I need? Whether you’re ordering dinner for two or bulk-buying salmon to stock your freezer, knowing how much you need is key to finding the best salmon online for you. If you’re buying in bulk, prioritize sellers that waive shipping fees for large orders. If you’re only looking for a single meal’s worth of salmon, make it count by bulking out the order with helpful preparations, like seasonings.
  • How much am I willing to spend? Budget is a big consideration for most shoppers. It’s important to remember that the best won’t always be the most expensive. Consider doing a cost comparison for several companies to see how different the per-pound price will be after shipping. Even if you’re looking to cut some corners this month, you’ll still be able to buy great salmon online. Find the product that fits most comfortably into your budget.
  • What am I planning to cook? Those buying salmon for fillets and steaks will want to buy the best-quality available, which often means wild-caught fish. However, if you’re buying to make a seafood stew, the best choice may be a cheaper option, where texture isn’t as important. Reflect on the dishes you want to make with your order, then shop accordingly.


Choosing the Best Delivery Option for your Order

It can seem like there are just as many delivery options as there are quality seafood products available online. While this can be overwhelming to first-time buyers, it is important to use it as an opportunity to further customize your order. Companies have various shipping and buying methods to allow the greatest number of people to buy the best salmon online. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to find and choose the best salmon delivery option, consider these factors.

  • Convenience – If convenience is your priority, having salmon shipped directly to your door is likely the best option for you. Not only will the fish arrive at your home, but you’ll also have a greater variety of fish options – from sockeye fillets to hot-smoked salmon. Buying fish shipped directly to your door is also the easiest way to buy in bulk, as you won’t need to lug several pounds of fish home from a pick-up spot. You won’t have to drive, and you won’t need to visit a grocer. You will, however, pay for shipping, but most valuing convenience are comfortable with this added cost.
  • Price – If price is your highest priority, ordering salmon shipped direct to your door is still a good option. However, local buying clubs may prove to be an even better deal. These clubs use collective buying power to get fish shipped to their areas. If you, your neighbors, and other people in town are interested in going in on an order of salmon, you can coordinate to arrange pickups or deliveries every week or month. Remember that some buying clubs are seasonal, but think of this option as a type of CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture) for fish.
  • Community – If price and convenience aren’t high priorities, supporting local businesses is likely important. This means a community-supported fishery may be your ideal option. These are essentially buying clubs that have a dedicated fisherman, allowing the fisher to sell their catch directly to consumers. You’ll be directly supporting a fisher while reaping the benefits of the best salmon online in the process.

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