Countless day-to-day activities have changed as the novel coronavirus continues to spread throughout the world. Unsurprisingly, grocery shopping is one of the tasks Americans are struggling to complete. Visiting the grocery store can expose shoppers to the virus, and while stores are implementing social distancing strategies, customers still have trouble purchasing the foods they need.  

For those wanting access to high-quality protein without visiting the grocery store, online seafood delivery can be a great option. This is especially useful as social distancing orders extend and the annual salmon season picks up in late spring and early summer. Ordering frozen salmon won’t replace your grocery trip entirely, but it can provide access to an important food item. If you’re hesitant to try, here are a few reasons why now is a great time to order salmon online. 


Ordering Salmon Delivery is Safer than Curbside Pick Up 

To limit the number of shoppers in stores, some grocery providers are pivoting to curbside pick-up services. This allows customers to order their groceries online or through an app, then pick up their food at a designated time, all without needing to enter the building. While this is a great option, it is impossible to receive curbside pickup without encountering another person. In many cases, grocery workers will need to load food items into your car, or you will need to collect the groceries directly from an employee.  

When you order salmon online, you won’t risk unnecessary contact with another person. Rather, your salmon can be dropped at your doorstep for you to collect once the delivery person is gone. Plus, salmon shipping is now easier than ever. If you’re home more often, you’re more able to retrieve your order from the doorstep as soon as it arrives.  


It’s Not as Pricey as You Think 

Ordering salmon online is a lot more affordable than many realize. While the per-pound price may be slightly more expensive than what you purchase at the grocery store, some salmon companies factor shipping rates into these costs. By buying in bulk, you can often get a great price for high-quality salmon. Frozen salmon will last around 9 months in a freezer, depending on its storage conditions, so buying in bulk is a good idea.  

If you’re a budget-minded person trying to order salmon online, keeping track of seasonal changes can also help. King salmon is typically the first available in the American market, arriving in mid-May. Unfortunately, this type of salmon is also one of the more expensive options available. If you decide to hold off on ordering, you’re likely to get a better price just one month later, as other, more affordable salmon types become available.  


Salmon is a Healthy, High-Quality Protein 

Grocery stores around the world are experiencing product shortages as people rush to buy in bulk. While we’re not aware of salmon vanishing from grocery counters, you might not have easy access to healthy, high-quality protein. To that end, staying healthy is extraordinarily important right now, and salmon can provide a wide variety of essential vitamins and nutrients. If you’re looking for guaranteed access to a high-quality protein, online salmon delivery is an excellent option.  

While buying salmon online will never replace your weekly or bi-weekly grocery trip, it can provide a bit more food security in a time of extreme uncertainty. Plus, you’ll be able to take fewer grocery trips knowing an important item is crossed off your list.  

Photo source: Flickr