Company Name: Billings Seafood Guys

Owners: Jon Wanderaas
Rimrock Mall in Billings, MT
Phone: 406-208-6365
Contact Email:


Billings Seafood Guys is essentially your personal shopper or middle-man extraordinaire for sourcing the most popular types of sustainably harvested wild Alaskan seafood. Owner Jon Wanderaas is using his extensive experience from his time as a commercial fisherman and from managing some of the biggest seafood processing plants in the state to bring better quality salmon and seafood to the state of Montana and throughout the country. Billings Seafood Guys is a great choice for anyone living in Montana, but the company is also a solid option nationwide for convenient subscription-based seafood deliveries.

You might also think about choosing this company if you’re new to wild Alaskan seafood and looking for a company that’s ready and willing to offer expert guidance on choosing a subscription package, storing and cooking the seafood once it arrives, and any other personal questions or concerns you might have about buying wild salmon, shrimp, crab, or rockfish from Alaska.


You must sign up the month before to start your subscription. Deliveries arrive the second week of the month. Rush orders may be available at an additional cost. Depending on your location and to minimize costs, the delivery may be completed by FedEx or UPS. A single monthly share or subscription is 5 pounds of salmon or other specific type of seafood. You can lower your shipping costs and price per pound if you order a double share. In addition to lower prices, local Billings-area customers can take advantage of the company’s kiosk at the Rimrock Mall.

Where They Fish

They source wild salmon and seafood throughout Alaska, but only through fishermen and processors that owner Jon Wanderaas knows and trusts.

Type of Fish

Sockeye Salmon, Spot Prawns, Dungeness Crab and Rockfish.

Quality and Sustainability

You may not be getting salmon direct from the fishermen, but in terms of quality and sustainability, this is arguably just as good. The company only works with trusted sources of wild Alaskan seafood and is constantly on the lookout for the best products that are available each month. More than just knowing where your seafood comes from, you’ll have a curated experience with plenty of recipes and nutritional information. You can also email the company for personalized tips about your seafood habits.