Update: The pricing on this page was last updated on 12/8/2020

Shipping lobsters from Boston is becoming increasingly popular. While it will never beat Maine in terms of production, Boston remains a hub for lobster fishers and diners. If you’re interested in buying New England lobster, either from Maine or Boston, consider the comparison grid below. This is an easy way for you to quickly compare prices, shipping, and per-pound cost in the 1.5-pound category.

1.5 lb Lobster Prices

Company Min. Order Price/lobster* Price/4 Lobsters** Shipping Go To
Lobster Anywhere 1 $32.95 $177.80 $46.00
The Crab Place 2 $47.71 $264.43 $86.95
Sanders Lobster 2 $44.50 $170.00 FREE
Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound 2 $46.88 $187.50 FREE
Winter Harbor Lobster Co-op 2 $67.50 $269.98 FREE

If you’re interested in a different lobster size, check out our full directory of lobster price and sizes. We also have information available for lobster tails and lobster meat, but if you’re buying from companies who are shipping lobsters from Boston, we know you want the live guys.


Why Don’t I See Many Companies Shipping Lobsters from Boston?

Boston is nearly synonymous with lobster. But strangely, when it comes to shipping lobsters from Boston, very few companies advertise this as a fishing location. The mix-up has its roots in Boston history and how the region has changed in recent years.

An early American urban center, Boston was an essential fishing area for early American settlers. At the time, lobsters were plentiful and easy to catch. In fact, until the late 18th century, lobsters were so cheap in Boston that they were often fed to prisoners.

Change to Boston’s ecology and ocean temperatures have driven a change in lobster sourcing in recent years. As Boston became more urban, fishing its waters became more difficult – both because it is expensive to operate a shipping vessel out of the city and because the water around the port has become polluted. Additionally, warming climates are driving lobsters farther north, first into Maine and now into Canada.

The combination of fewer fishers and fewer lobsters make it difficult to find a Boston-sourced lobster these days. In most cases, companies advertising “Boston lobsters” simply operate their headquarters out of the city. They fish for lobster up in Maine, where it is cheaper and easier to do.


Can I Trust a Company Shipping Lobsters from Boston?

As long as the company has good reviews, you can feel good about trusting a company shipping lobsters from Boston. However, we encourage potential customers to do a bit of digging when it comes to lobster sourcing. If a company is advertising Boston lobsters that are really from Maine, they might not have the customer’s best interest in mind. In other words, they may be using a marketing technique to draw your dollars.

That said, we encourage you to test out different options. We’ve never done a taste test comparison for lobster, so we can’t speak definitively on which will provide the best quality for your dollar. Shop around, see what you like, and make sure you can trust your company. If they don’t provide transparent sourcing information, or if they get cagey when you ask, move onto the next option. There are dozens of lobster companies out there doing wonderful work – don’t waste your money on a provider who isn’t completely truthful.

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