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When you choose to have Maine lobster shipped, live crustaceans don’t just automatically show up at your door. The process of getting lobster from the ocean to your home is complicated, but most lobster companies have it down to a science. If you’re looking for a good deal on Maine lobster, consider any of the following companies in the 1.5-pound lobster category. These companies have robust shipping departments that allow them to get lobster to your door quickly and efficiently.

1.5 lb Lobster Prices

Company Min. Order Price/Lobster* Price/4 Lobsters** Shipping Go To
Lobster Anywhere 1 $32.95 $177.80 $46.00
The Crab Place 2 $47.71 $264.43 $86.95
Sanders Lobster 2 $44.50 $170.00 FREE
Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound 2 $46.88 $187.50 FREE
Winter Harbor Lobster Co-op 2 $67.50 $269.98 FREE

If you’re interested in learning more about getting Maine lobster shipped to your door – the process, the cost, and how it all works – the following guide is designed to answer some common questions.

I Ordered Maine Lobster Shipped. Now What?

As soon as you click “Place Order,” a series of actions begins to unfold. However, this process will depend on the time of day you order lobster. If you place your order earlier in the morning, your lobster company will begin processing the shipment immediately for next-day delivery. If you place your order later in the afternoon, they’ll start on the shipment early the next morning. Individual companies have their own cut-off times, so be sure to check with your provider about scheduling differences.

Once the processing procedure begins, however, it will look fairly similar across companies. Here’s a little bit of what happens.

  • An employee will find the number of lobster in the size you request. Usually, this will come from the day’s catch, or perhaps lobster caught the day before. In every case, at least with the companies we recommend, lobsters are not held in captivity for very long.
  • Once the purchased lobsters are acquired, the employee will begin to prepare them for shipment. In most cases, this involves packing a Styrofoam container with cooling packs, ice, and seaweed, then placing the lobster inside. Most companies will also place rubber bands on the lobsters so that they do not injure themselves, each other, or the container.
  • The lobster box is then transferred to the shipping agent, either by dropping off or getting picked up. Once in the hands of the mailing partner, the lobster will travel by either air or ground, depending on the distance.
  • When the lobster arrives in the destination area, it will be transferred for local delivery. The delivery person will then leave the lobster on your front doorstep.

Tips for Getting Maine Lobster Shipped

There is a lot that can go wrong when you order Maine lobster shipped to your door. Here are a few tips to help smooth some speedbumps.

  • Include delivery instructions. If you have the option, include a note with your order regarding where the box should be dropped off. If you don’t plan to be at home, a garage or in another shaded area is ideal.
  • Leave a note for the delivery person. Writing a note in your initial order doesn’t mean it will be read by your delivery person. Leave a post-it note on your door indicating where they should leave the package.
  • Have your provider’s customer service number available. If anything goes wrong with the Maine lobster shipped process, you’ll want to alert your company as soon as possible. If you’re unsure, here’s what to do if your lobster arrives dead.

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