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When you order overnight lobster, you’re placing an order for live lobster to be delivered the very next day. Most companies will provide this service, but some are better at it than others. Below, you’ll find a price grid for some of our favorite companies in the 2lb lobster category.

Fresh 2.0lb Maine Lobsters

The Crab Place 2 $51.00 $294.64 $86.95
Fulton Fish Market 2 $47.78 $191.61 Free@$99+
Lobster Anywhere 1 $50.95 $252.80 $49.00
McLaughlin Seafood 1 $50.00 $265.00 $65.00
The Fresh Lobster Company 2 $41.50 $246.86 $80.86

If you’re in the market for lobsters of different sizes, be sure to check out our live lobster company directory, as well as our comprehensive guide to ordering these crustaceans online.

In reality, all lobster is shipped overnight. The shorter a lobster is in transit, the more likely it is to be alive when it reaches the destination. But, while all companies ship lobster, there are some variables to consider when it comes to placing your order.


How Does Overnight Lobster Shipping Work?

Most companies process overnight lobster shipping the same way: they pack up the order in the morning, transfer it to a shipping provider in the afternoon, and the shipper takes care of the rest. However, there will be some variation between companies when it comes to when you can order.

Each company has a set time for when a lobster must be ordered for overnight shipping. In most cases, this will depend on the staff they have available to package orders, as well as how much lobster they ship. The more employees and the more lobster orders, the later in the afternoon you’ll be able to purchase lobster. That said, don’t order lobster to be delivered tomorrow at 9:30 p.m. today – that just won’t be possible.

You’ll want to do some research in advance of placing your order. What is your provider’s capacity? What is their cut-off time? Would you be okay receiving your lobster on the next business day? You’ll want to have answers to these questions before ordering.

It’s also important to note that all online lobster orders are shipped overnight. Even if you order lobster on Monday for a Friday delivery, that package will likely go out on Thursday. Companies do this to ensure their products are safe and lively when they reach your doorstep.


How to Overnight Lobster

You may be a lobster company or fisher who wants to ship a daily catch to a customer. If you’re interested in sending lobster, it has to be shipped overnight. This is the only way to ensure it gets to its destination safe and alive.

If you want to overnight lobster, you’ll need to secure the correct packaging. Place rubber bands on the lobsters’ claws and pack them into a Styrofoam or insulated container with ice and gel packs. Then, visit your local shipping store to drop off the package. Before heading out, though, you’ll want to see if these stores have cut-off times for overnighted packages. Just like when you buy lobster online, you’ll need to get your package in before overnight shipments are transferred to their designated shipping arms.

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