Company Name: Simply Lobsters

Owners: Donald L. and George G.


1292 Lisbon St.

Lewiston, ME 04240

Phone: (800) 796-3189

Contact Email:


Simply Lobster Prices

Lobster Type Min Lobster Order Lobster Price/lb Price/4 Lobsters Expedited Shipping Order
1.25 lb Live Maine Lobster N/A 15.99 $59.99 min
1.5 lb Live Maine Lobster N/A 25.99 59.99 min
2 lb Live Maine Lobster N/A 38.99 59.99 min
3 lb Live Maine Lobster N/A 59.99 59.99 min
Jumbo Lobster (5.5 – 12 lbs) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
5-6 oz Lobster Tails N/A 17.99 59.99 min
8-10 oz Lobster Tails N/A 32.99 59.99 min
10-12 oz Maine Lobster Tails N/A 41.99 59.99 min
12-14 oz Maine Lobster Tails N/A 49.99 59.99 min
1 lb Fresh Lobster Meat N/A 54.99 59.99 min



For more than twenty years, Simply Lobsters has been a trusted seafood distribution company specializing in live Maine lobsters, lobster meat, and tails. Their sense of quality and value is defined by their commitment to ship fresh hard-shell Maine lobster at better prices than other premium Maine lobster companies. And by shipping everything priority overnight, they ensure the quality of their product isn’t degraded in transit.

They offer other wild-caught New England seafood so you can expand your palette and taste for fresh-tasting seafood. For special events and lifelong seafood lovers, there’s no reason to hesitate when ordering from Simply Lobsters.


Simply Lobsters ships via UPS Monday through Friday to all 48 contiguous states and Alaska. They also ship to Hawaii—but not live lobsters or clams. With Next Day Air shipping, you can expect or schedule delivery Tuesday through Saturday most weeks of the year. Saturday delivery typically incurs an additional $15 fee. Shipping costs are determined by the total cost of your order. The more you order, the higher the total shipping cost but the better value per pound of seafood. You can also get bulk discounts when ordering $500 or more at a time. For next day delivery, you must order live lobsters by 2PM EST the day before and you must order cooked lobster meat by 12PM EST to allow for cooking and chilling.

Like many of the best Maine lobster companies, Simply Lobsters guarantees that your lobsters will arrive alive, but they can’t promise specific delivery dates if inclement weather or other acts of god prevent flights from taking off.

Harvesting Methods

Despite shipping thousands of pounds of lobster every day, Simply Lobsters is committed to sourcing, selling, and shipping fresh-caught Maine lobsters. The company serves casinos, country clubs, fine-dining restaurants, businesses, as well as residential customers.

They meet this demand without resorting to pounded lobsters by harvesting lobster off their own boats and from more than 50 lobstermen from multiple ports along the Maine coast. This sales volume and network of lobstermen allows Simply Lobsters to sell their lobster at a great price without sacrificing quality.

Recipes and Resources

On their site, you’ll basic but handy descriptions of how to steam and boil lobster—but few full-fledged recipes. You’ll also find lobster tail packages and lobster roll kits so that you have the complementary ingredients you need for classic lobster recipes. If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration, there is also a customer and fan-driven blog in which people post pictures and boast of their lobster meals. Looking for specific ordering suggestions and maybe get better value from the delivery? You can check on their monthly specials.

Type of Lobster

Live lobster, lobster meat, lobster tails

Other Seafood Products

Steamer clams, crab cakes, snow crab claws, gulf shrimp, bisques, and chowders